The Smart Body book series

Holistic health author, Ryan Vaniski, has just
released his first book!

INSPIRE: The Power of Your Own Breath
for Vibrant Health

What’s it all about?

After over a decade of study and practice in holistic health I have learned and experienced exactly what it takes to live healthy and be happy. By studying ancient cultures throughout history and the world I’ve found a common thread woven within all of them, seven simple keys to thriving health. When you incorporate each of these seven principles into your life consistently, your experience will be nothing short of abundant health and vibrant living!

This book details the first key of the seven: Breath. Speaking from both scientific and spiritual perspectives I have distilled the essence of why breath is so vital to your health and well-being. Using language anyone can understand I share with you all the important facts about the power and promise healthy breathing can have upon you. As you read further into this book you will find yourself inspired to breathe and take back the power of your own health.

Ryan Vaniski, HHP

Ryan Vaniski, HHP

Author, Speaker, Educator of Holistic Health

For Your Body

Learn simple ideas and techniques to keep you growing healthier every year.

For Your Mind

How can breathing actually affect your thinking and emotions?

For Your Life

Breath has the power to save your life.

What Readers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let our readers do the talking!

Mr. Vaniski, in a clear and concise prose offers readers excellent insights into how to use conscious breathing to improve their health both spiritually and physically.

   Through a number of easy to grasp breathing exercises Mr. Vaniski delivers to his readers various ways to remember to breathe.
   I recommend this book to anyone who wants to refresh or learn how optimize their God given gift of breath.
Louis P. MA

“I have been fortunate enough in the past, to have attended Ryan’s lectures on health in person. They were always informative and clear with a touch of humor added. This eBook is a perfect example of his easy to understand, concise teaching style. I have known for many years how important breath is, but to hear the physiological reasons why breath is so important, in an easy to understand, well written manner, has made me appreciate my breath even more. Thanks for putting your extensive knowledge of the human body down on paper so it can be shared with anyone looking to improve their health.”

Loretta P.

Ryan has written a simple, easy to read book on the great subject of meditation and specifically breathing. Even as a long-time meditator, I learned something new and started using it immediately! Inspire has the perfect combination of information mixed with easy to use exercises! Anyone can benefit from this book and everyone should read it.
Do you want to reduce stress… then read this book!

Joe K.

I felt immediately calmer WHILE reading and after.

The text itself has a calming rhythm with the clear words, uncomplicated but very profound which aids in the exercises. My breath began to change DURING the reading and has remained in a slow, calm state AFTER the reading.

It felt like a caring and knowledgable person was right there next to me, guiding me as I did the breathing exercises. For the FIRST TIME I have truly grasped the flow of breathing and how it helps with both MIND AND BODY.


Denise R.

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