My Dear Fellow Humans Beings, we are at a crossroads today as I stand before you a harbinger of truth, a flint to spark the light of awakening within our existence. Our world is sick and it needs our help.

Hundreds of years ago, plague, famine and death were the source of great fear as the puzzle of health eluded us. Decades ago medical science brought understanding to sickness, disease, and physical trauma. Today, the advancements of technology help us see more sharply the hows and whys of the human body, and provide us ways to “fix” the malfunctions our bodies encounter. But beneath the guise of domestic society we are now faced with a new plague. A new threat that is so powerful it has carved itself into history as the name of the current age of human development. Information has brought many astounding creations to fruition, but on the opposite side of this coin it has brought us to the brink of complete collapse as we are all seeking truth, in any subject, from infinite sources of knowledge and mis-knowledge. Behind the curtains of fact and fiction is a darkness that is sucking from us our very essence of life.

With the rise of advancements in health, our society is getting sicker, fatter, slower and in more pain than is logically possible, and health care reform is not the answer. We cannot survive for long in a world where pharmaceutical chemicals are thrown at every cough or ache, where scalpels are chosen in place of simple behavior changes to “eliminate” problems, and resultantly often impair the results of our bodies just doing their assigned duty to survive in such a toxic world.

If we reform our current state of health we are simply polishing a shine onto a broken machine. We must steer away from “re-formation” and march proudly towards Transformation. A new world of health requires new thought and bold creativity to hold steadfast the truth that our intelligent bodies can and will thrive in heath when, and only when, given precisely what they need for life.

The evolution of public health care has been wrongly focused, and in order for our human race to survive much longer we need complete Revolution. Dismantle the paradigms of health seen only as the “lack of disease”. Dissolve the deficiency of responsibility in the blind ignorance of simply “doing what you are told”. Destroy the belief that “You are helpless”.

This revolution of self-empowerment will be the new norm for our life.

I have a dream that we as a species have the right to be fully healthy, as God intends. I see a world free from the tyranny of the “business” of being sick; free from the limits and damaging practices of the major food industries. No more shall we be blinded by the false truths of the ever-present marketing.

I have a dream where our children are strongly educated in the true values of nutrition; how the glorious foods we consume are not to fill our bellies, not to belay our cravings, but to fuel, energize and strengthen the magnificent, divine machines we have all been given, to partake, with astounding wonder, this glorious life here on Earth. I see a world where these enlightened children stand up and teach their parents what to eat and how to eat it. I hear ringing of great joy in my ear the voices of our children speaking up and saying, “I don’t want that boxed dinner again, I want real food”.

I have a dream where schools, businesses and offices embrace the freedom in physical movement, not the isolation of confinement to a desk. I dream that one day movement will be seen as an answer to problem-solving, as it becomes globally understood and recognized that the circulation of the body equally circulates ideas and creativity.

I can see it now; families, individuals and communities working together to raise the wellness quotient of the the greater We.  No more will treatment of illness or injury go unanswered because of cost or bureaucratic red-tape. No more will treatable diseases go untreated because of ignorance or lack of education of the living being experiencing this unfortunate imbalance of health. No more will obesity reign as the mysterious enigma of consciousness it is today.

I have a dream where our health professionals are compensated for keeping You healthy, rather than paid to stop you from being sick. Where people know and understand exactly what they need to do to live and thrive healthy lives, and take action upon it.

I have a dream that each and every one of us is whole and connected: Mind, Body, and Spirit; that this unity is shared with the CommUnity to sustain wellness and spread throughout the world.

We were all bestowed the opportunity to be stewards to the temple that is our body. And as we march forward to re-claim our assignments, free from the blindness of the past, we do so with fervor and confidence, making this life a life to THRIVE.

This, my fellow humans, is our right. This is our duty. And in this age of unrest and confusion we are, as a whole, being called to action, to join and strengthen the movement for Authentic HealthCare. Join ranks and stand up as we proclaim to the world, “I Choose My Health!”
I Choose My Health.
I Choose My Health.
Now go.


In honor of the wise and bold Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., this speech was inspirationally brought to me as I paused for a brief rest on the Sunday afternoon before Martin Luther King Day 2014. The words, the messages began to flow, as if being sent through me, over the course of two hours. It flowed so powerfully, I could not stop. As I was writing I could hear the voice and feel the energy of the great Dr. King as this manifesto of health was given life. Thank You for your support.

~Ryan Vaniski


Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash


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