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There is no better way to learn, understand and experience first hand what authentic health care is all about than by attending a Smart Body Talk or Workshop.

These fun and illuminating events are educating the human race on How to be Human, and how to use and care for that perfect body you’ve been given, so that it will take care of you.

Ryan Vaniski hosts these talks and workshops on empowering the natural abilities of your own body to heal and thrive, naturally…holistically.

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The Core Smart Body Presentations by Ryan Vaniski, H.H.P.

Discovering the Natural Intelligence of Your Own Body to Heal Itself

Plus The 7 Keys to Abundant Health
  • Why do your joints hurt and muscles ache?
  • How come you have such a hard time losing weight?
  • What are, by far, the two most beneficial and healthy supplements you cannot live without, and are absolutely free?

Living in our modern world our bodies and minds are overwhelmed with toxins, misinformation and unhealthy behaviors that prevent our perfect bodies from doing what they do best, THRIVE!   In this illuminating presentation Ryan will discuss many things in your life that you are doing right, doing wrong and not doing at all that are preventing you from being the healthy and happy person you truly desire to be. Your body knows exactly what to do to be well and how to heal from any disruption, but it won’t do any of that if You do not provide it the proper environment and tools to do so.

I invite you to awaken your curiosity and mind, and join me to learn, ask, and understand the many little things you can do and change to help bring your body back to its healthy perfect self. For much of my life I lived with an unhealthy body, but through the knowledge and practices I learned over the years, which I will teach you this night, I was able to transform myself to health, and so can You!

If you want your body to feel better and work more efficiently, it’s probably a good idea to hear this talk.

Pain Release Through Movement by Raising Your Body’s I.Q.

  • Do you ever feel like your body doesn’t do what you want it to?
  • What would you do if you were stronger, more flexible and more energetic at any age?
  • Would you like to release pain from your body without drugs or surgery?

Imagine having the freedom to be as active and comfortable as you wish. Imagine what it would be like to learn relaxation tools that teach your body to let go of it’s tension simply through movements. Imagine what it would be like to raise your body’s I.Q. In this enlightening workshop I will help you clearly understand why your muscles are limiting your mobility and causing you pain in your back, neck, hips and joints. Then I will guide you, step by step, through each of the ten simple floor movements that reawaken your entire body.

The movements, called “Somatics”, are essentially relaxation training for your muscles, which simply do not know how to turn off. My body has transformed from being in constant pain to becoming an active, strong, and pain-free body. Through motion, awareness, and breath, incorporating these transformational movements into your lifestyle, you too can achieve your Smart Body.

If you have a body, you’ll want to join this workshop.

Discovering the true Power inside YOU

  • Do you have “Enough”?
  • Why does feeling well seem out of reach?
  • What is the greatest limit to your best health?

Your body is far more than what can be seen or measured. Below the surface and beyond our senses is a vast, invisible Universe that makes up the Whole You. These things are not explained well by science, yet these elements govern all aspects of the being that is You.

In this illuminating discussion I will help you understand the Invisible You, and how this awareness can help you improve your health, your body and even your life. Together we will also practice tools and techniques to help you:

  • Recognize negative energies
  • Let go of limiting beliefs  and
  • Neutralize harmful emotions

I invite you to awaken your curiosity and mind, and to re-discover the invisible resources already within you that can help you bring your body to a more perfect state of health.

For much of my life I had an unhealthy body, but through the knowledge and practices I learned over the years I transformed my body into health… and after this talk so can You!

If you truly want to be healthy, inside and out, then this information is the essential final piece you need to achieve your Authentic Health.

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