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Contained within the pages of this blog are valuable articles of information on current health and wellness topics, stories of healing and inspirational essays, all with the intent to serve the greater community with easy to understand commentary promoting the movement towards Authentic HealthCare.

The Best Essential Oils

In January 2017 I was commissioned to write an article entitled, "The Best Essential Oils." The purpose of this essay was to sift through all the marketing hype and find the best and highest quality essential oils available in America. This was a lengthy and in-depth...

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What Does Holistic Mean Anyway?

Holistic is the opposite of isolation. It’s all inclusive, as well as creative. Holistic folks look at the whole picture and everything around it to find clues. Just like the great Sherlock Holmes reaches for the most obscure details to piece together a puzzle, the holistic practitioner will often find the most unexpected causes for common problems, and usually know a way to fix them, too.

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How Can Meditation Help You to Master Your Life?

Meditation is a practice to train you to deal with the ups and downs of life in the real world. When you’re not in meditation and just living your daily, waking life, these thoughts –and emotions– are swimming around in your head with a mind of their own. If left unchecked, these thoughts will end up taking over your life; and usually taking you in a bad direction. Take dominion over your thoughts and learn why to use meditation to master your life.

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Where Does Your Food Come From?

With so many news reports, books, and articles being written about how dangerous our foods have become, how food allergies are accelerating as the new plague of American society, how you shouldn’t eat meat, or you shouldn’t eat carbs, or you shouldn’t eat anything, we are left swirling in this maelstrom of confusion about the very thing we use to fuel our magnificent organic machines we call our body.

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What Matters in Your Life?

Life Brings Change So many folks in the last few weeks have, I’m sure, been wishing you a Happy New Year. Let me be the first to wish you a Happy New YOU! This is your chance to shine as the calendar tells you it’s time to make a fresh start. But what’s so different...

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