Life Brings Change

So many folks in the last few weeks have, I’m sure, been wishing you a Happy New Year. Let me be the first to wish you a Happy New YOU! This is your chance to shine as the calendar tells you it’s time to make a fresh start. But what’s so different about this year? Well, here’s a little survey to help us understand…  Raise your hand if you’ve been experiencing some big struggle lately.

I see a lot of hands up.

Some of you with health issues. Some with relationship troubles. Some emotional. Some environmental. Some simply needing a good answer to the question ‘What am I supposed to do?’. Just about everyone is dealing with some kind of struggle now.   Why?    It’s all about Matter.

WARNING! For those of you who are squeamish about philosophy and spirituality, you may want to look away for a moment.

It’s All About Matter

A few years ago a shift occurred influencing all of us to to take stringent account of everything in our lives, and then sort these things into two categories: “What Matters Most to Me” or “What Does Not Matter At All to Me”. It is then your task to take out the trash. Of all the things/people/ideas you declare “Matter Most” you are to fully embrace and cherish in your life. Of all the things/people/ideas that “Do Not Matter” to you, you must ruthlessly, and courageously eliminate from your life, and don’t look back. It’s that second part that’s the kicker.

You probably didn’t get the memo about any of this, right? Yeah, no one did. And this explains why we are all feeling the struggle right now. See, had we all sifted and tossed a few years ago when this challenge was bestowed upon us, life would be perfectly grand right now for everyone, but we didn’t, and it’s not. With every year that passes, this pressure to cleanse and purge grows stronger and stronger, and now we are all feeling this pressure, literally. That is the struggle.

So how do we release the pressure?

The answer to that is easy, but the action is hard. Very simply we must fully embrace “What Matters”, and completely let go of “What Does Not Matter”. Love your husband, and show him how much you do. Get rid of that old photo album you only look at every other year. Get out and exercise. Turn your back on those cookies. Follow that spark of an idea you’ve been dreaming about since you were a kid. Let go of that grudge.

When you do this with every aspect of your life you’ll find that life just gets better. Don’t believe me? Try it then. Put an end to something in your life that deep down you know is holding you down. It’s going to take the courage of a super hero to get through it all, but once you do it and feel how refreshing it is, you’ll want to do more. Understand this: the longer you resist doing this the harder your life will get. It’s that simple. (You’re welcome to try that too, but you’re on your own then)


I invite you to comment and share below your thoughts and experiences of what matters and what doesn’t in your life and how you found the courage to make the changes. I’m in this with you. We are all in this together.






Photo by Darren Bockman on Unsplash

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