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Your Path to Authentic HealthCare

The only true HealthCare is Self-Care. 

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What is Authentic HealthCare?

Authentic HealthCare is, quite simply, You, whole, healthy and connected. Our modern, domestic society has trained us to be dependent on professionals when it comes to our own health, but the truth is, and nature proves it continuously for eons, that You have all the power to heal yourself.

The natural intelligence of your body, my body, and all bodies knows exactly what to do to repair and maintain itself in every case, but only if given the proper tools and environment to do so.

YOU have the strength, knowing and ability to make decisions of your own, be flexible in your thinking and in your body, and give your self exactly what it needs.

YOU are Empowered to THRIVE!

Inside each of us lies the Power of Authentic Health.

Now is the time to awaken yours.

Workshops & Events with Ryan Vaniski

There is no better way to learn, understand and experience first hand what Authentic HealthCare is all about than by scheduling Ryan Vaniski for a Workshop or Talk at your next event.

These fun and illuminating events are educating the human race on How to be Human, and how to use and care for that perfect body you’ve been given, so that it will take care of you.

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How Can Ryan Help You?

As a Holistic Health Practitioner in private practice, Ryan has helped countless people achieve greater health, freedom from pain, and a new outlook on life. Are you ready to experience the real You?

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“I first went to Ryan for Massage Therapy but soon learned that he was also extremely talented in many other fields of energy/body work…”

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“Finding a massage therapist that really knows their stuff can be challenging but Ryan gives a GREAT professional therapeutic massage.”

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“Ryan is a consummate professional who is passionate about giving you the perfect holistic treatment you need at that particular moment in your life.”

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Your Path Can Begin Today.


Now is the time to live your life of great health; it’s never too late to begin.


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