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What is a Smart Body?

A Smart Body is, quite simply YOU, whole, healthy and connected. Our modern, domestic society has trained us to be dependent on professionals when it comes to our own health, but the truth is, and nature proves it continuously for eons, that You have all the power to heal yourself. The natural intelligence of your body, and all bodies, knows exactly what to do to repair and maintain itself in every case, but only if given the proper tools and environment to do so. A bold statement in the face of all we have been taught for the last couple hundred years, but one that proves its validity every time when given the opportunity.

A Smart Body is not just a body and not just a mind, but a cohesive and clear combination of the two as a single, functioning Soma, a living body in its wholeness. Awareness and action are the foundations of a Smart Body, and Self-Responsibility the fuel. The Status Quo of being passive about health, taking numerous and often unnecessary medications and still feeling terrible are showing their flaws as Americans continue to pay more and more for “health care”, but are getting sicker, more overweight, and live in more pain than ever before in history.

As a Smart Body YOU are Empowered. YOU have the strength, knowing and ability to make decisions of your own, be flexible in your thinking and body, and give your body exactly what it needs to Thrive! When You feel better life is so much more enjoyable.

YOU are Empowered to THRIVE!

Inside each of us lies the Power of a Genius.

Now is the time to awaken yours.

Seminars & Events

There is no better way to learn, understand and experience first hand what a Smart Body is all about than by scheduling Ryan Vaniski for a Workshop or Talk at your next event.

These fun and illuminating events are educating the human race on how to be human, and how to use and care for that perfect body you’ve been given, so that it will take care of you.

Books authored by Ryan Vaniski, HHP

Take with you anywhere Ryan’s vast and original knowledge on holistic health by reading his books. Written in a very easy to understand, conversation, the concepts and descriptions Ryan uses to teach you about your body, and it’s unique needs and functions, helps you easily grasp both the basics and the advanced ideas on which holistic health is formed. Combining science, spirit and humor, these books will enlighten and inspire you to know your body and fuel your desire to live a thriving and vibrant healthy life.

Expand Your Noggin on the Blog

Ryan has assembled, for your learning pleasure, a collection of insightful, fun and educational articles on your health, your body, and your life… all written by author, Ryan Vaniski.
Browse the ever-growing list of entries and I’m sure whichever ones you pick will give you a new perspective on You.

Ryan is no longer seeing private clients

After over seven years in private practice I have accumulated an enormous amount of knowledge and understandings on health, the human experience, and self-care. With a focus to share this knowledge and valuable information with a greater number of people, I have retired my private practice and I’m dedicating all my time to writing a unique and powerful book entitled “InsideOut Healing.”

This book will be a profound exploration into the subtle spiritual anatomy of the human being and how working with these three simple aspects of your Self can bring you superb health and a life filled with love.
Stay tuned for more as the project progresses.

It was a difficult decision to end my private sessions, working one-on-one with so many good and caring people, but the dedication I have to helping as many people as possible will be much more dynamic in the making of this choice.
I am truly grateful for all the years of loyalty, learning and love shared between myself and my extended family.

Thank You!

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